AnimancerState Class


Base class for all states in an Animancer.AnimancerPlayable graph which manages one or more UnityEngine.Playables.Playables.
graph BT Type-->Base0["AnimancerNode"] click Base0 "/animancer/api/Animancer/AnimancerNode" Base0-->Base1["Key"] click Base1 "/animancer/api/Animancer/Key" Base1-->Base2["Object"] Type-.->Interface0["IUpdatable"] click Interface0 "/animancer/api/Animancer/IUpdatable" Type-.->Interface1["Key.IListItem"] click Interface1 "/animancer/api/Animancer/IListItem" Type-.->Interface2["IEnumerable<AnimancerState>"] Type-.->Interface3["IEnumerator"] Type-.->Interface4["IPlayableWrapper"] click Interface4 "/animancer/api/Animancer/IPlayableWrapper" Type-.->Interface5["IAnimationClipCollection"] click Interface5 "/animancer/api/Animancer/IAnimationClipCollection" Type["AnimancerState"] class Type type-node Derived0["ControllerState"]-->Type click Derived0 "/animancer/api/Animancer/ControllerState" Derived1["ClipState"]-->Type click Derived1 "/animancer/api/Animancer/ClipState" Derived2["PlayableAssetState"]-->Type click Derived2 "/animancer/api/Animancer/PlayableAssetState" Derived3["MixerState"]-->Type click Derived3 "/animancer/api/Animancer/MixerState"


public abstract class AnimancerState : AnimancerNode, IUpdatable, Key.IListItem, 
    IEnumerable<AnimancerState>, IEnumerator, IPlayableWrapper, IAnimationClipCollection


This class can be used as a custom yield instruction to wait until the animation either stops playing or reaches its end.

Documentation: States


Name Constant Value Summary
NotInList -1
The Animancer.Key._Index which indicates that an item isn't in a list.
Inherited from Key


Name Value Summary
ApplyAnimatorIK bool
Should Unity call OnAnimatorIK on the animated object while this object and its children have any Animancer.AnimancerNode.Weight?
Inherited from AnimancerNode
ApplyFootIK bool
Should this object and its children apply IK to the character's feet?
Inherited from AnimancerNode
ApplyParentAnimatorIK bool
Should setting the Animancer.AnimancerNode.Parent also set this node's Animancer.AnimancerNode.ApplyAnimatorIK to match it? Default is true.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
ApplyParentFootIK bool
Should setting the Animancer.AnimancerNode.Parent also set this node's Animancer.AnimancerNode.ApplyFootIK to match it? Default is true.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
AutomaticallyClearEvents bool
Should the Animancer.AnimancerState.Events be cleared automatically whenever Animancer.AnimancerState.Play, Animancer.AnimancerState.Stop, or Animancer.AnimancerState.OnStartFade are called? Default true.
AverageVelocity Vector3
The average velocity of the root motion caused by this state.
ChildCount int
[Animancer.IPlayableWrapper] The number of states using this node as their Animancer.AnimancerState.Parent.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
Clip AnimationClip
The UnityEngine.AnimationClip which this state plays (if any).
DebugName string
[Assert-Only] The Inspector display name of this node.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
Duration float
The number of seconds the animation will take to play fully at its current Animancer.AnimancerNode.EffectiveSpeed.
EffectiveSpeed float
The Animancer.AnimancerNode.Speed of this node multiplied by the Animancer.AnimancerNode.Speed of each of its parents to determine the actual speed it's playing at.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
EffectiveWeight float
The Animancer.AnimancerNode.Weight of this state multiplied by the Animancer.AnimancerNode.Weight of each of its parents down the hierarchy to determine how much this state affects the final output.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
Events AnimancerEvent.Sequence
A list of Animancer.AnimancerEvents that will occur while this state plays as well as one that specifically defines when this state ends.
FadeSpeed float
The speed at which this node is fading towards the Animancer.AnimancerNode.TargetWeight.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
HasEvents bool
Does this state have an Animancer.AnimancerEvent.Sequence?
Index int
The index of the port this node is connected to on the parent's UnityEngine.Playables.Playable.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
IsActive bool
Returns true if this state is playing and is at or fading towards a non-zero Animancer.AnimancerNode.Weight.
IsLooping bool
Will this state loop back to the start when it reaches the end?
IsPlaying bool
Is the Animancer.AnimancerState.Time automatically advancing?
IsStopped bool
Returns true if this state isn't playing and is at 0 Animancer.AnimancerNode.Weight.
IsValid bool
Indicates whether the Animancer.AnimancerNode._Playable is usable (properly initialized and not destroyed).
Inherited from AnimancerNode
KeepChildrenConnected bool
Indicates whether child playables should stay connected to this mixer at all times (default false).
Inherited from AnimancerNode
Key Object
The object used to identify this state in the root Animancer.AnimancerPlayable.States dictionary. Can be null.
Layer AnimancerLayer
The root Animancer.AnimancerLayer which this node is connected to.
LayerIndex int
The index of the Animancer.AnimancerLayer this state is connected to (determined by the Animancer.AnimancerState.Parent). Returns -1 if this state is not connected to a layer.
Length float
The total time this state would take to play in seconds when Animancer.AnimancerNode.Speed = 1.
MainObject Object
The main object to show in the Inspector for this state (if any).
NormalizedEndTime float
[Pro-Only] The Animancer.AnimancerState.NormalizedTime after which the Animancer.AnimancerEvent.Sequence.OnEnd callback will be invoked every frame.
NormalizedTime float
The Animancer.AnimancerState.Time of this state as a portion of the animation's Animancer.AnimancerState.Length, meaning the value goes from 0 to 1 as it plays from start to end, regardless of how long that actually takes.
Parent IPlayableWrapper
The object which receives the output of the UnityEngine.Playables.Playable.
RawTime float
The internal implementation of Animancer.AnimancerState.Time which directly gets and sets the underlying value.
RemainingDuration float
The number of seconds this state will take to go from its current Animancer.AnimancerState.NormalizedTime to the Animancer.AnimancerState.NormalizedEndTime at its current Animancer.AnimancerNode.EffectiveSpeed.
Root AnimancerPlayable
The Animancer.AnimancerPlayable at the root of the graph.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
Speed float
[Pro-Only] How fast the Animancer.AnimancerState.Time is advancing every frame (default 1).
Inherited from AnimancerNode
TargetWeight float
The desired Animancer.AnimancerNode.Weight which this node is fading towards according to the Animancer.AnimancerNode.FadeSpeed.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
Time float
The number of seconds that have passed since the start of this animation.
TraceConstructor bool
[Assert-Only] Should a System.Diagnostics.StackTrace be captured in the constructor of all new nodes so Animancer.OptionalWarning.UnusedNode can include it in the warning if that node ends up being unused?
Inherited from AnimancerNode
UnsupportedEventsMessage string
[Assert-Only] Returns null if Animancer Events will work properly on this type of state, or a message explaining why they might not work.
UnsupportedSpeedMessage string
[Assert-Only] Returns null if the Animancer.AnimancerNode.Speed property will work properly on this type of node, or a message explaining why it won't work.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
Weight float
The current blend weight of this node which determines how much it affects the final output.
Inherited from AnimancerNode


Name Value Summary
~AnimancerNode() void
[Assert-Only] Checks Animancer.OptionalWarning.UnusedNode.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
AppendDescription(StringBuilder, string) void
Appends a detailed descrption of the current details of this node.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
AppendDetails(StringBuilder, string) void
Called by Animancer.AnimancerNode.AppendDescription(System.Text.StringBuilder,System.String) to append the details of this node.
AppendIKDetails(StringBuilder, string, IPlayableWrapper) void
Appends the details of Animancer.IPlayableWrapper.ApplyAnimatorIK and Animancer.IPlayableWrapper.ApplyFootIK.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
ApplyWeight() void
Applies the Animancer.AnimancerNode.Weight to the connection between this node and its Animancer.AnimancerNode.Parent.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
AssertConnectionWeight() void
[Assert-Only] Logs an error if the weight of the connection between the Animancer.AnimancerNode.Parent and this node does not match the Animancer.AnimancerNode.Weight.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
AssertConnectionWeightRecursive(IPlayableWrapper) void
[Assert-Only] Calls Animancer.AnimancerNode.AssertConnectionWeight for this node and all of its children.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
CancelSetTime() void
Prevents the Animancer.AnimancerState.RawTime from being applied.
ChangeMainObject<T>(T, T) void
Sets the `currentObject` and calls Animancer.AnimancerNode.RecreatePlayable. If the `currentObject` was being used as the Animancer.AnimancerState.Key then it is changed as well.
CopyIKFlags(AnimancerNode) void
Copies the IK settings from the Animancer.AnimancerNode.Parent:
  • If is true, copy .
  • If is true, copy .
Inherited from AnimancerNode
CreatePlayable() void
Creates and assigns the UnityEngine.Playables.Playable managed by this state.
CreatePlayable(Playable) void
Creates and assigns the UnityEngine.Playables.Playable managed by this node.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
Destroy() void
Destroys the UnityEngine.Playables.Playable and cleans up this state.
DestroyPlayable() void
Destroys the UnityEngine.Playables.Playable.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
GatherAnimationClips(ICollection<AnimationClip>) void
[Animancer.IAnimationClipCollection] Gathers all the animations in this state.
GetChild(int) AnimancerState
[Animancer.IPlayableWrapper] Returns the state connected to the specified `index` as a child of this node.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
GetDescription(string) string
Returns a detailed descrption of the current details of this node.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
GetEnumerator() FastEnumerator<AnimancerState>
Gets an enumerator for all of this node's child states.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
GetPath() string
Returns the hierarchy path of this state through its Animancer.AnimancerState.Parents.
IndexOf(Key) int
Returns location of this object in the list (or -1 if it is not currently in a keyed list).
Inherited from Key
IsInList(Key) bool
Is the `key` currently in a keyed list?
Inherited from Key
MoveTime(float, bool) void
Sets the Animancer.AnimancerState.Time or Animancer.AnimancerState.NormalizedTime, but unlike those properties this method applies any Root Motion and Animation Events (but not Animancer Events) between the old and new time.
OnAddChild(IList<AnimancerState>, AnimancerState) void
Connects the `state` to this node at its Animancer.AnimancerNode.Index.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
OnSetIsPlaying() void
Called when the value of Animancer.AnimancerState.IsPlaying is changed.
Play() void
Plays this state immediately, without any blending.

Unlike Animancer.AnimancerPlayable.Play(Animancer.AnimancerState), this method only affects this state and won't stop any others that are playing.
RecreatePlayable() void
Calls Animancer.AnimancerNode.DestroyPlayable and Animancer.AnimancerNode.CreatePlayable.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
RecreatePlayableRecursive() void
Calls Animancer.AnimancerNode.RecreatePlayable on this node and all its children recursively.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
RequireUpdate() void
Calls Animancer.AnimancerPlayable.RequirePreUpdate(Animancer.IUpdatable) if the Animancer.AnimancerNode.Root is not null.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
SetDebugName(string) void
[Assert-Conditional] Sets the Inspector display name of this node. Animancer.AnimancerNode.ToString returns the name.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
SetParent(AnimancerNode, int) void
Connects this state to the `parent` mixer at the specified `index`.
SetRoot(AnimancerPlayable) void
The Animancer.AnimancerPlayable at the root of the graph.
SetWeight(float) void
Sets the current blend weight of this node which determines how much it affects the final output. 0 has no effect while 1 applies the full effect of this node.

This method allows any fade currently in progress to continue. If you don't wish to do that, you can set the Animancer.AnimancerNode.Weight property instead.

Animancer Lite only allows this value to be set to 0 or 1 in runtime builds.
Inherited from AnimancerNode
StartFade(float) void
Calls Animancer.AnimancerNode.OnStartFade and starts fading the Animancer.AnimancerNode.Weight over the course of the Animancer.AnimancerPlayable.DefaultFadeDuration (in seconds).
Inherited from AnimancerNode
StartFade(float, float) void
Calls Animancer.AnimancerNode.OnStartFade and starts fading the Animancer.AnimancerNode.Weight over the course of the `fadeDuration` (in seconds).
Inherited from AnimancerNode
Stop() void
Stops the animation and makes it inactive immediately so it no longer affects the output.
ToString() string
Returns the Animancer.AnimancerNode.DebugName if one is set, otherwise a string describing the type of this state and the name of the Animancer.AnimancerState.MainObject.

Extension Methods

Name Value Summary
CalculateEditorFadeDuration(float) float
[Animancer Extension] [Editor-Only] Returns the duration of the `node`s current fade (if any), otherwise returns the `defaultDuration`.
IsValid() bool
[Animancer Extension] Is the `node` is not null and Animancer.AnimancerNode.IsValid?