Animancer Namespace


Everything in the Animancer plugin is located in this namespace.

Class Types

Class Summary
AnimancerComponent The main component through which other scripts can interact with Animancer. It allows you to play animations on an UnityEngine.Animator without using a UnityEngine.RuntimeAnimatorController.
AnimancerJob<T> [Pro-Only] A base class that allows Animation Jobs to be easily inserted into an Animancer graph.
AnimancerLayer A layer on which animations can play with their states managed independantly of other layers while blending the output with those layers.
AnimancerNode Base class for UnityEngine.Playables.Playable wrapper objects in an Animancer.AnimancerPlayable.
AnimancerPlayable A UnityEngine.Playables.PlayableBehaviour which can be used as a substitute for the UnityEngine.RuntimeAnimatorController normally used to control an UnityEngine.Animator.
AnimancerState Base class for all states in an Animancer.AnimancerPlayable graph which manages one or more UnityEngine.Playables.Playables.
AnimancerTransition A UnityEngine.ScriptableObject based Animancer.ITransitions which can create a Animancer.ClipState when passed into Animancer.AnimancerPlayable.Play(Animancer.ITransition).
AnimancerTransition<T> An Animancer.AnimancerTransition which uses a generic field for its Animancer.ITransition.
AnimancerUtilities Various extension methods and utilities.
AnimatedBool [Pro-Only] A wrapper which allows access to the value of bool properties that are controlled by animations.
AnimatedFloat [Pro-Only] A wrapper which allows access to the value of float properties that are controlled by animations.
AnimatedInt [Pro-Only] A wrapper which allows access to the value of int properties that are controlled by animations.
AnimatedProperty<TJob, TValue> [Pro-Only] A base wrapper which allows access to the value of properties that are controlled by animations.
CartesianMixerState [Pro-Only] An Animancer.AnimancerState which blends an array of other states together based on a two dimensional parameter and thresholds using Gradient Band Interpolation.
ClipState An Animancer.AnimancerState which plays an UnityEngine.AnimationClip.
ClipTransition A UnityEngine.ScriptableObject which holds a Animancer.ClipState.Transition.
ControllerState [Pro-Only] An Animancer.AnimancerState which plays a UnityEngine.RuntimeAnimatorController.
ControllerTransition A UnityEngine.ScriptableObject which holds a Animancer.ControllerState.Transition.
CustomFade [Pro-Only] A system which fades animation weights animations using a custom calculation rather than linear interpolation.
DirectionalAnimationSet A set of up/right/down/left animations.
DirectionalAnimationSet8 A set of up/right/down/left animations with diagonals as well.
DirectionalMixerState [Pro-Only] An Animancer.AnimancerState which blends an array of other states together based on a two dimensional parameter and thresholds using Polar Gradient Band Interpolation.
Easing A set of common easing functions.
EndEventReceiver A component which uses Animation Events with the Function Name "End" to invoke the Animancer.AnimancerEvent.Sequence.endEvent of the Animancer.AnimancerState that triggered the event.
EventNamesAttribute [Editor-Conditional] Specifies a set of acceptable names for Animancer.AnimancerEvents so they can be displayed using a dropdown menu instead of a text field.
FastComparer An System.Collections.Generic.IEqualityComparer`1 which ignores overloaded equality operators so it is faster than System.Collections.Generic.EqualityComparer`1.Default for types derived from UnityEngine.Object.
FastReferenceComparer An System.Collections.Generic.IEqualityComparer`1 which uses System.Object.ReferenceEquals(System.Object,System.Object) to be even faster than Animancer.FastComparer. Unfortunately this means it will not work for boxed value types (such as enums).
Float1ControllerState [Pro-Only] A Animancer.ControllerState which manages one float parameter.
Float1ControllerTransition A UnityEngine.ScriptableObject which holds a Animancer.Float1ControllerState.Transition.
Float2ControllerState [Pro-Only] A Animancer.ControllerState which manages two float parameters.
Float2ControllerTransition A UnityEngine.ScriptableObject which holds a Animancer.Float2ControllerState.Transition.
Float3ControllerState [Pro-Only] A Animancer.ControllerState which manages three float parameters.
Float3ControllerTransition A UnityEngine.ScriptableObject which holds a Animancer.Float3ControllerState.Transition.
HybridAnimancerComponent [Pro-Only] A Animancer.NamedAnimancerComponent which plays a main UnityEngine.RuntimeAnimatorController with the ability to play other individual UnityEngine.AnimationClips separately.
Key Stores the index of an object in a Animancer.Key.KeyedList`1 to allow it to be efficiently removed.
LinearMixerState [Pro-Only] An Animancer.AnimancerState which blends an array of other states together using linear interpolation between the specified thresholds.
LinearMixerTransition A UnityEngine.ScriptableObject which holds a Animancer.LinearMixerState.Transition.
ManualMixerState [Pro-Only] An Animancer.AnimancerState which blends multiple child states. Unlike other mixers, this class does not perform any automatic weight calculations, it simple allows you to control the weight of all states manually.
ManualMixerTransition A UnityEngine.ScriptableObject which holds a Animancer.ManualMixerState.Transition.
MixerParameterTween<TParameter> A system which interpolates a Animancer.MixerState`1.Parameter over time.
MixerParameterTweenFloat A Animancer.MixerParameterTween`1 which uses UnityEngine.Mathf.LerpUnclamped(System.Single,System.Single,System.Single).
MixerParameterTweenVector2 A Animancer.MixerParameterTween`1 which uses UnityEngine.Vector2.LerpUnclamped(UnityEngine.Vector2,UnityEngine.Vector2,System.Single).
MixerState [Pro-Only] Base class for Animancer.AnimancerStates which blend other states together.
MixerState<TParameter> [Pro-Only] Base class for mixers which blend an array of child states together based on a Animancer.MixerState`1.Parameter.
MixerTransition2D A UnityEngine.ScriptableObject which holds a Animancer.MixerState.Transition2D.
NamedAnimancerComponent An Animancer.AnimancerComponent which uses the UnityEngine.Object.names of UnityEngine.AnimationClips so they can be referenced using strings as well as the clips themselves.
ObjectPool Convenience methods for accessing Animancer.ObjectPool`1.
ObjectPool<T> A simple object pooling system.
PixelPerfectPositioning Adjusts the UnityEngine.Transform.localPosition every frame to keep this object aligned to a grid with a size determined by the Animancer.PixelPerfectPositioning.Renderer while wrapping the value to keep it as close to 0 as possible.
PlayableAssetState [Pro-Only] An Animancer.AnimancerState which plays a UnityEngine.Playables.PlayableAsset.
PlayableAssetTransition A UnityEngine.ScriptableObject which holds a Animancer.PlayableAssetState.Transition.
SimpleEventReceiver A component which uses Animation Events with the Function Name "Event" to trigger a callback.
SoloAnimation Plays a single UnityEngine.AnimationClip on startup.
Strings Various string constants used throughout Animancer.
TimeSynchronisationGroup A system for synchronising the Animancer.AnimancerState.NormalizedTime of certain animations.
Validate Enforces various rules throughout the system, most of which are compiled out if UNITY_ASSERTIONS is not defined (by default, it is only defined in the Unity Editor and in Development Builds).

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IAnimancerComponent Interface for components that manage an Animancer.AnimancerPlayable.
IAnimationClipCollection A variant of IAnimationClipSource which uses a System.Collections.Generic.ICollection`1 instead of a System.Collections.Generic.List`1 so that it can take a System.Collections.Generic.HashSet`1 to efficiently avoid adding duplicates. Animancer.AnimancerUtilities contains various extension methods for this purpose.
ICharacterRoot Interface for components to indicate which UnityEngine.GameObject is the root of a character when Animancer.Editor.AnimancerEditorUtilities.FindRoot(UnityEngine.GameObject) is called.
IHasIK A node which has an Inverse Kinematics system that can be enabled and disabled.
IHasKey Exposes a Animancer.IHasKey.Key object that can be used for dictionaries and hash sets.
IKeyedListItem An object with a Animancer.Key so it can be used in a Animancer.Key.KeyedList`1.
IPlayableWrapper Interface for objects that manage a UnityEngine.Playables.Playable.
ITransition An object that can create an Animancer.AnimancerState and set its details.
ITransitionDetailed An Animancer.ITransition with some additional details for the Unity Editor GUI.
IUpdatable An object that can be updated during Animancer's UnityEngine.Playables.PlayableBehaviour.PrepareFrame(UnityEngine.Playables.Playable,UnityEngine.Playables.FrameData).

Struct Types

Struct Summary
AnimancerEvent A Animancer.AnimancerEvent.callback delegate paired with a Animancer.AnimancerEvent.normalizedTime to determine when to invoke it.
AnimationEventReceiver A callback to be invoked by Animation Events that have been triggered by a specific animation.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
FadeMode Determines how Animancer.AnimancerLayer.Play(Animancer.AnimancerState,System.Single,Animancer.FadeMode) works.
OptionalWarning Bitwise flags used by Validate.IsEnabled and Animancer.Validate.Disable(Animancer.OptionalWarning) to determine which warnings Animancer should give.

These warnings are all optional. Feel free to disable any of them if you understand the potential issues they are referring to.


Namespace Summary
Animancer.Editor [Editor-Only] Types used in the Unity Editor which doesn't exist at runtime.
Animancer.Examples Examples of how to use Animancer.
Animancer.FSM A flexible Finite State Machine system.