IAnimancerComponent Interface


Interface for components that manage an Animancer.AnimancerPlayable.
graph BT Type["IAnimancerComponent"] class Type type-node Implementing0["AnimancerEditorUtilities.DummyAnimancerComponent"]-.->Type click Implementing0 "/animancer/api/Animancer.Editor/DummyAnimancerComponent" Implementing1["AnimancerComponent"]-.->Type click Implementing1 "/animancer/api/Animancer/AnimancerComponent" Implementing2["HybridAnimancerComponent"]-.->Type click Implementing2 "/animancer/api/Animancer/HybridAnimancerComponent" Implementing3["NamedAnimancerComponent"]-.->Type click Implementing3 "/animancer/api/Animancer/NamedAnimancerComponent"


public interface IAnimancerComponent


Despite the name, this interface is not necessarily limited to only UnityEngine.Components.

This interface allows Animancer Lite to reference an Animancer.AnimancerComponent inside the pre-compiled DLL while allowing that component to remain outside as a regular script. Otherwise everything would need to be in the DLL which would cause Unity to lose all the script references when upgrading from Animancer Lite to Pro.


Name Value Summary
ActionOnDisableFieldName string
[Editor-Only] The name of the serialized backing field for the ActionOnDisable property.
Animator Animator
The UnityEngine.Animator component which this script controls.
AnimatorFieldName string
[Editor-Only] The name of the serialized backing field for the Animancer.IAnimancerComponent.Animator property.
enabled bool
Indicates whether this component will be updated.
gameObject GameObject
The UnityEngine.GameObject this component is attached to.
InitialUpdateMode Nullable<AnimatorUpdateMode>
[Editor-Only] The Animancer.IAnimancerComponent.UpdateMode what was first used when this script initialised.
IsPlayableInitialised bool
Indicates whether the Animancer.IAnimancerComponent.Playable has been initialised (is not null).
Playable AnimancerPlayable
The internal system which manages the playing animations.
ResetOnDisable bool
Determines whether the object will be reset to its original values when disabled.
UpdateMode AnimatorUpdateMode
Determines when animations are updated and which time source is used. This property is mainly a wrapper around the UnityEngine.Animator.updateMode.


Name Value Summary
GetKey(AnimationClip) Object
Returns the dictionary key to use for the `clip`.