Animancer.Editor Namespace


[Editor-Only] Types used in the Unity Editor which doesn't exist at runtime.

Class Types

Class Summary
AnimancerComponentEditor [Editor-Only] A custom Inspector for Animancer.AnimancerComponents.
AnimancerEditorUtilities [Editor-Only] Various utilities used throughout Animancer.
AnimancerGraphControls [Editor-Only] Draws manual controls for the Animancer.AnimancerPlayable.Graph.
AnimancerGUI [Editor-Only] Various GUI utilities used throughout Animancer.
AnimancerLayerDrawer [Editor-Only] A custom Inspector for an Animancer.AnimancerLayer which sorts and exposes some of its internal values.
AnimancerNodeDrawer<T> [Editor-Only] Draws the Inspector GUI for an Animancer.AnimancerNode.
AnimancerPlayableDrawer [Editor-Only] Draws the Inspector GUI for an Animancer.IAnimancerComponent.Playable.
AnimancerReadMe [Editor-Only] A welcome screen for Animancer.
AnimancerSettings [Editor-Only] Persistent settings used by Animancer.
AnimancerStateDrawer<T> [Editor-Only] Draws the Inspector GUI for an Animancer.AnimancerState.
AnimationBindings [Editor-Only] Various utility functions relating to the properties animated by an UnityEngine.AnimationClip.
AnimationClipEditor [Editor-Only] [Pro-Only] A custom Inspector for UnityEngine.AnimationClips
AnimationGatherer [Editor-Only] A system that procedurally gathers animations throughout the hierarchy without needing explicit references.
AttributeCache<TAttribute> [Editor-Only] A cache to optimize repeated attribute access.
BaseAnimancerComponentEditor [Editor-Only] A custom Inspector for Animancer.IAnimancerComponents.
BoolPref [Editor-Only] A simple wrapper around UnityEditor.EditorPrefs to get and set a bool.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive pref wrapper that supports more types, you should check out Inspector Gadgets - Auto Prefs.
CompactUnitConversionCache [Editor-Only] A system for formatting floats as strings that fit into a limited area and storing the results so they can be reused to minimise the need for garbage collection, particularly for string construction.
ConversionCache<TKey, TValue> [Editor-Only] A simple system for converting objects and storing the results so they can be reused to minimise the need for garbage collection, particularly for string construction.
EventSequenceDrawer [Editor-Only] Draws the Inspector GUI for a Animancer.AnimancerEvent.Sequence.
NamedAnimancerComponentEditor [Editor-Only] A custom Inspector for Animancer.NamedAnimancerComponents.
ParametizedAnimancerStateDrawer<T> [Editor-Only] Draws the Inspector GUI for an Animancer.AnimancerState.
PolymorphicDrawer [Editor-Only] A UnityEditor.PropertyDrawer for Animancer.IPolymorphic and Animancer.PolymorphicAttribute.
ReadMe [Editor-Only] A welcome screen for an asset.
ScriptableObjectEditor [Editor-Only] A custom Inspector for UnityEngine.ScriptableObjects which adds a message explaining that changes in play mode will persist.
SelfDrawerDrawer [Editor-Only] Draws the GUI for a Animancer.SelfDrawerAttribute field.
SerializableEventSequenceDrawer [Editor-Only] Draws the Inspector GUI for a Animancer.AnimancerEvent.Sequence.Serializable.
Serialization [Editor-Only] Various serialization utilities.
SerializedArrayProperty [Editor-Only] A wrapper around a UnityEditor.SerializedProperty representing an array field.
SoloAnimationEditor [Editor-Only] A custom Inspector for Animancer.SoloAnimation.
SpriteEditor [Editor-Only] A custom Inspector for UnityEngine.Sprites which allows you to directly edit them instead of just showing their details like the default one does.
TimelineGUI [Editor-Only] Draws a GUI box denoting a period of time.
TransitionDrawer [Editor-Only] Draws the Inspector GUI for an Animancer.ITransitionDetailed.
TransitionPreviewWindow [Editor-Only] An UnityEditor.EditorWindow which allows the user to preview animation transitions separately from the rest of the scene in Edit Mode or Play Mode.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
AnimationType [Editor-Only] The general type of object an UnityEngine.AnimationClip can animate.
MenuFunctionState The possible states for a function in a UnityEditor.GenericMenu.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IAnimancerNodeDrawer [Editor-Only] Draws the Inspector GUI for an Animancer.AnimancerNode.
ITransitionGUI [Editor-Only] An object that can draw custom GUI elements relating to transitions.

Struct Types

Struct Summary
TransitionPreviewDetails [Editor-Only] Details about the current preview used by Animancer.Editor.ITransitionGUI.OnPreviewSceneGUI(Animancer.Editor.TransitionPreviewDetails).
TypeSelectionButton [Editor-Only] A button that allows the user to select an object type for a [UnityEngine.SerializeReference] field.


Namespace Summary
Animancer.Editor.Tools The Animancer Tools Window and its related systems.