Rename Sprites

This is a Pro-Only Feature: you can open the Animancer Tools window to see how it works with Animancer Lite, but it will not actually produce any output unless you purchase Animancer Pro.

When Unity's Sprite Editor creates Sprites from an image asset, it gives them all the same name as the image with a number on the end which is not very helpful if you have lots of them. This Tool allows you to rename multiple Sprites at once instead of doing them one at a time.

Unfortunately, renaming Sprites like this will cause anything else that references them to lose that reference so it is recommended that you use this tool before you use the Sprites anywhere. But if you have already created AnimationClips that use the Sprites, you can rename them and then use the Remap Sprite Animations tool to re-assign the Sprites.

You can enter new names for each individual Sprite, or you can use the New Name field to apply the same name to all selected Sprites (it will add a number on the end for each of them, starting at 0).