Animancer v5.1

Released 2020-07-27

When upgrading to a newer version of Animancer, you must delete any previous version from your project first.

See the Animancer v5.0 Upgrade Guide if you are upgrading from a version older than that.


  • Added [Editor-Conditional] AnimancerNode.SetName so that any state (particularly mixers) can be given a custom name to display in the Inspector.


  • Added MixerState<TParameter>.SetChild(index, state, threshold) to match the CreateChild overload.
  • AnimancerPlayable now implements IEnumerable<AnimancerState> to iterate through all states in all layers.
  • Removed the "End" event check from ClipState.Drawer since the rest of that system was removed in Animancer v5.0.
  • Warnings:
    • AnimancerEvent.Sequence.AddCallback and SetCallback will now log a warning if the callback is identical to the previous one.
    • The duplicate event warning is now applied to End Events to detect if the same callback has been added multiple times.
    • Added WarningType.EndEventInterrupt in case an End Event does not actually end the animation.
  • Inspector:
    • Added context menu for the root AnimancerPlayable.
    • AnimancerStateDrawer now properly indents the green time bar.
    • Added IHasIK to standardise the ApplyAnimatorIK and ApplyFootIK properties and their context menu functions.


  • Fixed AnimancerPlayable.Current to be properly assigned during the late update as well as the main update.
  • Fixed AnimancerNode.ConnectToGraph to always apply the Weight since disconnected inputs get set to 1 for some reason.
  • Fixed setting the TransitionPreviewWindow.PreviewNormalizedTime to properly repaint everything.
  • Fixed nested mixer states to properly initialize their weights when first played.
  • Fixed compile error in Development Builds caused by Strings.DocsURL. #63
  • Fixed potential error if AnimancerUtilities.EditModePlay is called and the target is destroyed in the same frame.
  • Fixed various Unity 2020.1 namespace modification warnings.