Animancer Tools

This is a Pro-Only Feature: you can open the Animancer Tools window to see how it works with Animancer Lite, but it will not actually produce any output unless you purchase Animancer Pro.

The Animancer Tools window can be opened via Window/Animation/Animancer Tools and contains several utilities for creating and modifying animations which can then be played with Animancer or any other animation system that supports them. These tools mostly relate to Sprites, except for Remap Animation Bindings which is more useful for 3D bone-based animations.

Pack Textures Combine multiple separate textures into one.
Modify Sprites Modify the rect, pivot, alignment, and borders of many Sprites at once.
Rename Sprites Rename multiple Sprites at once.
Generate Sprite Animations Generate animations from Sprites based on their names.
Remap Sprite Animation Change an animation to use different Sprites.
Remap Animation Bindings Change the Hierarchy paths used by an animation.


These tools operate on the assets you select in the Project window. There are two selection types:

Type Description
Animation Select one AnimationClip asset at a time.
Sprite Select any number of Sprite and Texture assets. Selecting a Texture asset will include all of the Sprites it contains in the selection.


These tools are still very new and will rely on user feedback to help make them as useful as possible, so if you have any ideas please use the contact methods listed on the Help page.