Animancer v8.0 is now available for Alpha Testing

Animancer v7.1

Released 2021-08-13

When upgrading to a newer version of Animancer, you must delete any previous version from your project first.

See the Animancer v7.0 Upgrade Guide if you are upgrading from a version older than that.


  • Added [ThresholdLabel] attribute to specify a custom display label for the Thresholds column of a mixer transition. #104
  • Improved the Mixer Transition Drawer:
    • Changed the Add button in the Mixer Transition Inspector to duplicate the currently selected row instead of always adding at the end (unless you Right Click). #140
    • Added an array size field to the footer.
    • The animation fields now only take AnimationClips by default and you can Ctrl + Click to open the Object Picker for any asset type to assign Transition Assets. Previously it always allowed all asset types (because it can't be constrained to an interface) so the list was annoyingly long.
    • Child speeds now display an x suffix like other speed fields and you can Middle Click to reset them to 1 (or toggle to -1 if they were already at 1).
  • Added AttributeCache to optimize repeated attribute access.


  • Renamed ManualMixerTransition<TMixer>.States to Animations.


  • Fixed AnimancerState.EventDispatcher to properly allow an animation to be restarted by its own End Event.
  • Fixed End Events to not be re-triggered while the animation is paused (this was happening if there were no other events).
  • Fixed CartesianMixerState.ForceRecalculateWeights and DirectionalMixerState.ForceRecalculateWeights to not throw an exception when there is only one child.
  • Fixed TransitionDrawer to not allow the root property label to overlap the main property.
  • Fixed SerializableEventSequenceDrawer to work properly on array fields.
  • Fixed SerializableEventSequenceDrawer to allow callbacks to be added to the End Event even when there are no other callbacks.
  • Fixed SerializableEventSequenceDrawer to not indent the prefab modification indicators (the blue lines on the left of the Inspector next to fields that have been modified from the prefab).
  • Fixed potential NullReferenceException in PlayableAssetTransition.Drawer when the target is null.
  • Fixed UnitsAttribute to not attempt to use its multi-line format unless there are at least two lines worth of space in the given area.