Animancer v6.1

Released 2021-04-13

When upgrading to a newer version of Animancer, you must delete any previous version from your project first.

See the Animancer v6.0 Upgrade Guide if you are upgrading from a version older than that.



  • Animancer Tools:
    • Changed the GenerateSpriteAnimations tool to trim numbers first then other characters (space, dash, underscore) from the end rather than doing them all at once when determining the shared names.
    • Changed RenameSprites to include zeroes at the start of low numbers to ensure that they have the same number of digits as the later names.
    • While a panel is open, other panels are now hidden.
  • Renamed AnimancerState.EventRunner to EventDispatcher.
  • The Toggle Looping and Toggle Legacy context menu functions are now disabled if the asset is read-only.


  • StateBehaviour.OnEnterState now forces the Inspector to repaint since Unity doesn't do it automatically if all the components are collapsed.
  • Added OptionalWarning.UnsupportedSpeed.
  • Added Frame Rate field to the GenerateSpriteAnimations tool.
  • Optimised LinearMixerState.ExtrepolateSpeed to do nothing if the setter doesn't change the value.
  • Added AnimancerGUI.LoadIcon to load icons without causing error messages if they are missing (unlike EditorGUIUtility.IconContent).
  • Added LazyStack to simplify Inspector context management.
  • Added DrawAfterEventsAttribute which can be placed on a transition field to draw that field after the Events timeline rather than always putting the Events last.
  • Changed RenameSprites to start the numbering at 1 instead of 0.
  • Right Clicking on the Transition Preview button in the Inspector can now show the transition's context menu functions (such as those added by Inspector Gadgets). Previously, the way ClipTransitions draw their AnimationClip field on their first line meant that there wasn't actually anywhere to access the context menu of the transition itself (rather than its individual fields).


  • Fixed AnimancerLayer.GetOrCreateWeightlessState to allow the original state key to not be its AnimationClip.
  • Fixed ManualMixerTransition.GatherAnimationClips to work properly.
  • Fixed SpriteModifierPanel.AskAndApply to correctly check the sprite height is within the texture.
  • Fixed various AnimancerPlayable.StateDictionary methods to not throw exceptions if the key parameter is null.
  • Fixed TimeRuler and transition labels to be correctly indented when EditorGUIUtility.hierarchyMode is false.
  • Fixed the Serialized Array Initialization bug properly.
  • Fixed AnimancerPlayable to support recursive graph evaluation.
  • Fixed TransitionDrawer and EventSequenceDrawer to support nested transition fields.