Modify Sprites

This is a Pro-Only Feature: you can open the Animancer Tools window to see how it works with Animancer Lite, but it will not actually produce any output unless you purchase Animancer Pro.

Unity's Sprite Editor allows you to edit the details of individual Sprites, but is very tedious to use if you have to perform the same modification to lots of them so this Tool allows you to edit many at once. It can set the rect, pivot, alignment, and border of a Sprite. The Rename Sprites tool handles their names.

Rect Example

Image Single Sprite Trimmed Sprite
  1. The left side of the Sprite has 5 pixels of blank space, so we want to move the X value +5 pixels to the right.
  2. The right side also has 5 pixels of blank space, so we want to move the Width by -10 (-5 for the left and -5 for the right).
  3. Then 3 pixels on top so we reduce the Height by -3.
  4. The bottom is fine, so Y stays at 0.
  5. Once the values are entered, we Add those numbers to the Sprite's borders.
  6. After we check that the Sprite was modified correctly, we can select some others and apply the same modification to them.
  7. If any of the modifications were incorrect, we could have simply used the Subtract button to reverse them.

This video is a little out of date and only shows Rect editing.