Sprite Renderer Texture Swap

If multiple characters share the exact same sprite layout on different textures, you can use the SpriteRendererTextureSwap component to avoid needing to configure all of their Sprites and create the same animations for all of them. All you need to do is create the Sprites and animations for one of them then play those same animations on every character and set that component to use a different texture.

Note that the SpriteRendererTextureSwap script is not specific to Animancer and will work with any animation system, though if you want to remove the rest of Animancer from your project you will need to open the script and remove the [AddComponentMenu] and [HelpURL] attributes because they use constants from Animancer's Strings class.


Here's a copy of the Mage texture used in the Directional Basics example with its colours changed:

And here it is with the SpriteRendererTextureSwap in action:

Note that the Light Mage texture does not need any Sprites to be configured, it only needs the desired texture settings (in this case the Filter mode is set to Point (no filter) and the Compression is set to none). The Light Mage Walk Down X sprites shown in the above video are generated by the SpriteRendererTextureSwap script at runtime.