AnimancerComponentEditor Class


[Editor-Only] A custom Inspector for Animancer.AnimancerComponents.
graph BT Type-->Base0["BaseAnimancerComponentEditor"] click Base0 "/animancer/api/Animancer.Editor/BaseAnimancerComponentEditor" Base0-->Base1["Editor"] Type["AnimancerComponentEditor"] class Type type-node Derived0["NamedAnimancerComponentEditor"]-->Type click Derived0 "/animancer/api/Animancer.Editor/NamedAnimancerComponentEditor"


[CustomEditor(typeof(AnimancerComponent), true), CanEditMultipleObjects]
public class AnimancerComponentEditor : BaseAnimancerComponentEditor


Type Description


Name Value Summary
Targets IAnimancerComponent[]
UnityEditor.Editor.targets casted to Animancer.IAnimancerComponent.


Name Value Summary
DoOtherFieldsGUI() void
Draws the rest of the Inspector fields after the Animator field.
DoOverridePropertyGUI(string, SerializedProperty, GUIContent) bool
[Editor-Only] Draws any custom GUI for the `property`. The return value indicates whether the GUI should replace the regular call to UnityEditor.EditorGUILayout.PropertyField(UnityEditor.SerializedProperty,UnityEngine.GUIContent,System.Boolean,UnityEngine.GUILayoutOption[]) or not. True = GUI was drawn, so don't draw the regular GUI. False = Draw the regular GUI.
OnDisable() void
Cleans up this UnityEditor.Editor.
OnEnable() void
Initialises this UnityEditor.Editor.
OnInspectorGUI() void
Called by the Unity editor to draw the custom Inspector GUI elements.
RequiresConstantRepaint() bool
If we have only one object selected and are in Play Mode, we need to constantly repaint to keep the Inspector up to date with the latest details.