Transition Previews

The icon on the right side of the Inspector for any transition opens a window which allows you to preview what it will look like so you can adjust its settings without entering Play Mode.

  • Transitions only define the animation that will be played, but have no reference to the previous animation or the next animation so the Preview Settings area allows you to select which other animations you want to use.
    • Those settings are only used by this window, they are not serialized as part of the transition and will have no effect on it at runtime.
    • It will attempt to find all other animations referenced by the same character to list them in the Previous Animation and Next Animation dropdown menus, but you can always select any animation in your project using the object fields.
    • It will try to pick an animation with "Idle" in its name by default.
  • The regular runtime Inspector is shown below that so you can view and control all the details of the preview.
  • You can drag and drop any character model into the preview scene and it will try to continue previewing the transition using that character.
  • The usefulness of this window may vary significantly depending on your workflow so please create a GitHub Issue if you have any feedback, suggestions, or bugs to report. See the Help page for alternate contact methods.

Context Menu

The context menu of the preview window (available via the icon in the top right of the window) contains several functions for controlling its settings:

Function Effect
Show Transition If enabled, the transition being previewed will be displayed in the preview window as well as in the regular Inspector.
Auto Close If enabled, the window will be automatically closed if the target transition no longer exists (such as if the object is destroyed).