Animation Events

Unity's inbuilt Animation Event system works the same when using Animancer as without it.

  1. Add an event to your animation. The Unity Manual explains how to set up events depending on how the animation is imported:
Asset Type Configure Events Using
Model (e.g. FBX) Animation Tab in the model's Import Settings
.anim Animation Window
  1. Write a script with a method that has the same name as the Function Name you gave the event.
  2. Attach that script to the same object as the Animator component that will play the animation.
  3. When the animation passes the event's time, Unity will call your method.

The Footstep Events example demonstrates how to use them in more detail.

It can be convenient to have your script Interit from AnimancerComponent for organizational purposes (instead of having two separate components), but most events do not actually have any direct interaction with Animancer.

Note that any event with a string or AnimationEvent parameter will allocate some Garbage every time it is triggered, which can potentially cause performance issues.