User Manual

This section explains how to use all of Animancer's features.

Getting Animations How to get animations or create your own.
Playing Animations To play an animation using a script simply add an AnimancerComponent and call it's Play(AnimationClip) method.
Transitions Specify animation details in the Inspector so they can be edited as part of the scene rather than being hard-coded.
Blending There are several different ways of combining multiple animations into a single output such as Cross Fading, Layers, Blend Trees, and Mixers.
Events Set up events to trigger some code at a specific time during an animation.
Finite State Machines Managing the functional state of your objects.
Animator Controllers How to use Animator Controllers alongside Animancer.
Timeline You can play Timeline assets using Animancer.
Inverse Kinematics Dynamically control characters by specifying the desired position and/or rotation for a hand or foot.
Animancer Tools Window/Animation/Animancer Tools has some useful utilities, mostly for working with Sprites.
Other Features Features that aren't explained elsewhere.