Mecanim vs. Animancer

Animancer streamlines the animation development process by removing the need to create Animator Controllers and scripts that need to interact with each other. Instead, it gives scripts the ability to fully define all animation logic.

The following diagram shows how it fits into the animation pipeline:

Note that Animancer can actually play Animator Controllers if you want to, they just aren't required.

Both systems use extremely different approaches to animation management, so the following sections go into detail about their theoretical and practical differences:

Why Replace Mecanim? Detailed explanations of the problems with Mecanim and how Animancer solves them.
Comparison Simple examples of how common tasks can be achieved in each system.
Conversion How to change an Animator Controller based character to use Animancer instead.
Performance Animancer can be more efficient than other systems if used correctly, though in most cases the differences are small enough not to matter either way.