Animancer Lite

Download for FREE from or Unity Asset Store

All users should start with Animancer Lite since it allows you to try out all the Features in the Unity Editor for FREE.

  1. Back up your project. Animancer is no more likely than anything else to cause problems, but this is simply a good habit whenever you make significant changes to a project. Better yet, you should be using a proper version control system such as Git to track all changes.
  2. Get the latest Unity version you can. 2017.1 is the minimum required version to use Animancer. However, 2018.3 or newer is recommended and it has been tested in versions up to 2019.3. See the Unity Versions section for more details.
  3. Delete any previous version of Animancer. This is mandatory since Unity's package importer system doesn't delete or rename existing files so any old scripts that aren't directly overwritten will cause compile errors that prevent anything from working. Check the Change Log to find out what has changed between versions.
  4. Download and import Animancer Lite. Downloading from is recommended because updates become available faster since they do not have to wait for an approval process like the Unity Asset Store and because it allows you to download the package directly in your web browser instead of needing to use the Asset Store window within Unity.

Please feel free to use any of the listed Contact methods if you have questions, suggestions, or bugs to report. Reviews are appreciated, but they are not the appropriate place for such communications.

Animancer Pro

Purchase for $50 USD from or Unity Asset Store

Purchasing Animancer Pro from is preferred for the same reasons outlined above and also because a larger portion of the money you spend goes to the developer to help fund future improvements. But it is also available from the Unity Asset Store.

After you download Animancer Pro, you can import it directly over the top of Animancer Lite so that anything you have made so far continues working seamlessly.