Animancer v6.0 is currently available for testing.

Change Log

When upgrading to a newer version of Animancer, you must delete any previous version from your project first.

Animancer v5.3 2020-10-06 - Reworked Mixer Synchronisation, added the ability to drag Animancer Events.
Animancer v5.2 2020-09-16 - Added EventNamesAttribute and Update Rate example.
Animancer v5.1 2020-07-27 - Added the ability to set an Editor-Only name for any AnimancerNode.
Animancer v5.0 2020-07-17 - Minimum Unity Version 2018.4, blend Animancer with regular Animator Controller assigned to the Animator, expanded support for Animation Jobs, added Custom Fade system.
Animancer v4.4 2020-03-27 - Various improvements for Mixers and some significant bug fixes.
Animancer v4.3 2020-03-13 - Mixer Time Synchronisation now supports custom speeds.
Animancer v4.2 2020-03-02 - Significant performance improvement and bug fixes for Animancer Lite.
Animancer v4.1 2020-02-21 - Added proper support for custom Animation Curves and multi-track Timeline Assets.
Animancer v4.0 2020-01-28 - Massive changes to the main public API, new Animancer Event system, Transition Preview Window, Mixer Time Synchronisation, Timeline support.
Animancer v3.1 2019-08-12 - Added HybridAnimancerComponent and several new examples.
Animancer v3.0 2019-05-27 - Lots of new examples with full tutorial explanations. Serializables for easier Inspector configuration. Performance improvements. Play animations in Edit Mode. Better IK support.
Animancer v2.0 2018-10-08 - Added the ability to play and blend between multiple AnimatorControllers. Moved from PDF User Manual to a website with fully compiled API Documentation.
Animancer v1.3 2018-09-11 - Animancer Lite now includes the Pro-Only features in the Unity Editor, but not in a runtime build.
Animancer v1.2 2018-08-14 - Added AnimancerTransition - a ScriptableObject class which specifies the layer index, fade duration, start time, and speed along with an AnimationClip, allowing you to configure those details in the Unity Editor instead of hard coding them.
Animancer v1.1 2018-05-29 - Added support for animation layers to Animancer Pro.
Animancer v1.0 2018-05-02 - Initial release.