Unity Bugs

This section outlines various bugs and unintuitive behaviours of the Playables API and Unity in general which relate to Animancer, including any known workarounds for them.

If you find any bugs in Animancer, please report them using Github Issues (or see the Help page for alternate communication methods).

Animation Events Unity's inbuilt Animation Events are sometimes not triggered when they should be.
Animator Controller Speed It's not possible to directly control the speed of a ControllerState.
Paused Skinned Mesh Update Evaluating a PlayableGraph while the editor is paused does not update the SkinnedMeshRenderer it is being applied to.
Reorderable Array Height Unity's reorderable array/list drawer doesn't properly support objects that change height.
Serialized Array Initialization Unity doesn't run field initializers or constructors when resizing arrays in the Inspector.
Stabilize Feet Animator.stabilizeFeet gets set to false during the first update when using playables.
Timeline Timeline audio tracks don't work in Animate Physics mode, trying to preview a Timeline Transition crashes the Unity Editor, and Root Motion doesn't work properly..
Timing There are various minor inconsistencies that can cause animation times to be slightly different from Mecanim.
Update Modes Update modes mostly work in the Playables API, but have a few issues if you try to change them at runtime.