Getting Animations

Animancer can play any animation that can be played by a regular Animator Controller in Unity. Animations for 3D models and 2D Sprites are all handled the same way in code.


There are various websites where you can download character models and animations:

Animation Editors in Unity

The Animation Window in Unity allows you to edit animations, but it is not necessarily the most convenient or powerful and you can find better tools on the Unity Asset Store:

  • UMotion
  • Very Animation
  • Cinema Mocap
  • Note that these are Affiliate Links, meaning that if you follow them and purchase something then Kybernetik may receive a small commision from Unity (which does not cost you anything extra).

Dedicated Modelling and Animation Software


Several of the official Unity tutorials explain how to actually create Sprite animations which will then be usable in Animancer:

The Animancer Tools window has various functions that are useful for working with Sprites and generating animations from them.

Mixamo Mixamo is a website run by Adobe where you can download character models and animations for free.
Importing Importing character models and animations into Unity.
Animation Window Unity's Animation Window allows you to edit animations inside Unity itself.