08 Inverse Kinematics

Location: Assets/Plugins/Animancer/Examples/08 Inverse Kinematics

Namespace: Animancer.Examples.InverseKinematics

These examples demonstrate how you can use Inverse Kinematics (IK) to control characters dynamically.

As outlined in the Unity Versions section, using IK with Animancer requires Unity 2018.1 or newer. However, 2018.3 is recommended because there was a bug in earlier versions which prevented the OnAnimatorIK method from being called while fading between animations. This only applies to Unity's inbuilt IK system so other systems that do not use the OnAnimatorIK method will not have the same issue.

01 Puppet Control a character's limbs like a puppet and have them look at a specific point.
02 Uneven Ground Adjust the height of the character's feet according to the terrain they are walking over.