06 State Machines

Location: Assets/Plugins/Animancer/Examples/06 State Machines

These examples demonstrate how you can organise complex systems using Finite State Machines to compartmentalise their logic, resulting in modular scripts which are easy to reuse, debug, and refactor. They use Animancer's state machine system, however the general concepts will work in practically any state machine system.

06-01 Characters Use a finite state machine to manage the various actions a character can perform.
06-02 Interruptions Determine which states can interrupt each other using a simple enum.
06-03 Brains Organizing the way you take inputs from the player, AI, networking, etc. and use them to control characters.
06-04 Weapons Implement a character that can move around and attack with various different weapons.
Platformer Game Kit The Platformer Game Kit is a much more extensive example of how to use Animancer in a complex game.