02-05 Solo Animation

Location: Assets/Plugins/Animancer/Examples/02 Fine Control/05 Solo Animation

Recommended After: Quick Play

Learning Outcomes: in this example you will learn:

How to play a single animation on its own without a custom script.

This example demonstrates how to set up a single animation to play on its own without the overhead that would normally be required for anything more complex.


It uses no custom scripts, only the SoloAnimation component included with Animancer which can be configured in the Inspector to play one animation as described in the Component Types page.

Even in this specific example, the SoloAnimation component is not actually the best solution because the Legacy Animation component could do the same thing with slightly better performance. So its usefulness is limited to situations where you need to use a Humanoid or Generic Rig and only want to play one animation.

Toggle Legacy

As mentioned in the Animation Types section, Animancer adds a Toggle Legacy context menu function to AnimationClips (accessible via the cog icon in the top right of its Inspector) which swaps the animation between Legacy and Mecanim as long as it is not imported as part of a model (otherwise you would need to change the model's Rig type to Legacy).