Holding a Pistol

Putting an object (a Pistol in this case) in a character's hand only takes a few simple steps:

1. Expand the character's hierarchy until you reach the RightHandHolder bone.

RightHandHolder is an extra bone in Animancer's DefaultHumanoid which is a child of the RightHand in a good position for holding objects. If your character model doesn't have one, it is recommended that you add one in your modelling software before exporting it to Unity. Otherwise, you can add it to the character's prefab in Unity but may need to add it again if you ever update the model.

Note that a "bone" is simply a regular GameObject / Transform which deforms the character model as it moves and rotates. So even though the RightHandHolder is part of the FBX file the model comes from, it's not really a bone because it doesn't affect the model (it is simply there to make it easy to position objects in the hand).

Note that if you hold Alt when you expand or collapse something, it will do the same for all of that object's children as well.

2. Use the Project window to find the Pistol model in the Assets/Plugins/Animancer/Examples/Art/Pistol folder.

3. Drag the Pistol model from the Project window onto the RightHandHolder object in the Hierarchy window to instantiate the prefab as a child of that bone.

The position and rotation of the Pistol in the scene should all be at 0 since this model has already been adjusted to the correct location to fit the DefaultHumanoid's hand when playing the Humanoid-PistolShoot animation.

This particular Pistol model comes from the Animated Guns Pack by Quaternius.