Animancer v6.0 is currently available for testing.

01 Basics

Location: Assets/Plugins/Animancer/Examples/01 Basics

Namespace: Animancer.Examples.Basics

These examples introduce you to the fundamentals of working with Animancer. They frequently link to the C# in Unity section to help you understand what is happening if you are not very experienced at scripting.

Basic Scene Setup Create a new scene with a character in it to use as a starting point for many of the example tutorials.
01 Quick Play Start with an idle animation, perform an action, then return to idle.
02 Playing and Fading Compare the common ways to play and transition between animations.
03 Sequence Coroutine Use a coroutine to play through a series of animations in a sequence.
04 Named Animations Refer to animations by name or other identifiers instead of direct references.
05 Hybrid Basics Manage some animations inside an Animator Controller and others as separate Animation Clips.