01 Basics

Location: Assets/Plugins/Animancer/Examples/01 Basics

These examples introduce you to the fundamentals of working with Animancer. They frequently link to the C# in Unity site to help you understand what is happening if you are not very experienced at scripting.

01-01 Quick Play Play an animation using Animancer.
01-02 Basic Movement Play a movement animation while you hold a key and return to an idle animation when you release the key.
01-03 Basic Action Perform an action when you click the mouse and return to idle afterwards.
01-04 Transitions Cross Fade between animations and use Transitions to implement the same behaviour as the Basic Action example with smooth blending between animations.
01-05 Basic Character Combine the Basic Movement and Basic Action examples into one.
Basic Scene Setup Create a new scene with a character in it to use as a starting point for many of the example tutorials.
Input The ExampleInput class allows the examples to support both Unity's legacy Input Manager and the Input System package.