09 Animator Controllers

Location: Assets/Plugins/Animancer/Examples/09 Animator Controllers

These examples demonstrate how you can use Animator Controllers within Animancer or deconstruct them to use Animancer instead (a practical application of the Conversion page).

The ability to play Animator Controllers within Animancer is a Pro-Only Feature. You can try them out in the Unity Editor with Animancer Lite, but they're not available in runtime builds unless you purchase Animancer Pro.

09-01 Hybrid Basics Manage some animations inside an Animator Controller and others as separate Animation Clips.
09-02 Hybrid Character Use a HybridAnimancerComponent to play a default Animator Controller for some things and individual separate AnimationClips for others.
09-03 3D Game Kit Convert the player Character Controller from the 3D Game Kit Lite to use Animancer.