The procedural Scenes script contains constants corresponding to the index of each scene in your build settings so that instead of SceneManager.LoadScene("Main Menu") you can use SceneManager.LoadScene(Scenes.MainMenu).

It also includes an IndexToName method which can tell you the name of the scene at a given build settings index.

Scenes Panel

The Scenes panel in the Weaver Window allows the procedural script to be entirely disabled and shows the following options for customising it (Pro-Only):

Option Description
Include Scene Index Fields If enabled: the script will contain a const int field holding the build settings index of each scene.
Include Scene Name Fields If enabled: the script will contain a const string field holding the name of each scene.
Use Full Path Names If enabled: fields will be named using the scene's full asset path instead of just the file name.
Use Nested Classes If enabled: the fields for each scene will be grouped inside nested classes corresponding to the directories in their asset path. Otherwise they will all be located in the root Scenes class.

Sample Output

// This file was procedurally generated by Weaver. Any modifications will be overwritten.

#pragma warning disable // All.

namespace Weaver
    /// <summary>This class was procedurally generated by Weaver.</summary>
    public static class Scenes
        /// <summary>Assets/Plugins/Weaver/Examples/01 Frame Rate/01 Frame Rate.unity</summary>
        public const int _01FrameRate = 0;

        /// <summary>Assets/Plugins/Weaver/Examples/02 Floating Text/02 Floating Text.unity</summary>
        public const int _02FloatingText = 1;

        /// <summary>Assets/Plugins/Weaver/Examples/03 Building/03 Building.unity</summary>
        public const int _03Building = 2;

        /// <summary>Assets/Plugins/Weaver/Examples/04 Missiles/04 Missiles.unity</summary>
        public const int _04Missiles = 3;

        /// <summary>Assets/Plugins/Weaver/Examples/05 Missile Command/05 Missile Command.unity</summary>
        public const int _05MissileCommand = 4;

        /// <summary>Assets/Plugins/Weaver/Examples/06 Meta Asset List/06 Meta Asset List.unity</summary>
        public const int _06MetaAssetList = 5;

        /// <summary>Returns the name of the scene associated with the specified scene 'index' in the build settings.</summary>
        public static string IndexToName(int index)
            switch (index)
                case 0: return "01 Frame Rate";
                case 1: return "02 Floating Text";
                case 2: return "03 Building";
                case 3: return "04 Missiles";
                case 4: return "05 Missile Command";
                case 5: return "06 Meta Asset List";
                default: return null;