Weaver v6.2

Released 2021-08-01

Upgrade Guide

To upgrade an existing project from an earlier version of Weaver:

  1. See the Weaver v6.0 Upgrade Guide if you are upgrading from a version older than that.
  2. Move your WeaverSettings asset out of the Weaver folder (Assets/Plugins/Weaver/Weaver Settings.asset by default).
  3. Delete the previous version of Weaver (Assets/Plugins/Weaver by default).
  4. Import the new version of Weaver.
  5. You can move the WeaverSettings asset back into the Weaver folder if you want to, but it's not necessary.


  • Dropped support for Unity 2018. Tested versions are now 2019.4 (LTS), 2020.3 (LTS), and 2021.1 (Latest Stable). Weaver v6.1 is still available for Unity 2018.4 though.
  • Added Tag Constants.
  • Changed all Project Constants to be disabled by default.
  • Moved the Weaver Window menu function to Window/General/Weaver.
  • Removed various unused methods in ReflectionUtilities.
  • Renamed ReflectionUtilities.GetCustomAttribute to GetAttribute.
  • The code generated for [OnInjectionComplete] methods is now contained within a try/catch block.
  • Fixed Asset Injection of component references.
  • Fixed procedural scripts to properly retain obsolete members.
  • Fixed AutoGenerateOnSave to not cause an infinite reimport loop in Unity 2020+.
  • Fixed Shader Constants to properly handle cases where multiple #pragmas use the same keyword.
  • Fixed the C# project files generated by Unity 2020+ incorrectly referencing the Runtime-Only Lite DLLs (using the FixProjectDefinition script).