Weaver v4.0

  • Fixed Weaver to work on OSX.
  • New Animation Linker system generates a script containing the hash values of all animation state and parameter names, as well as extension methods for easily getting and setting parameters.
  • New Scene Linker system generates a script containing the build settings indices of all scenes.
  • New ScriptBuilder system for more easily building procedural scripts. All procedural scripts using this system will automatically check if they need to be generated whenever assets are saved (such as when the user presses Ctrl + S and immediately before a build).
  • Weaver Lite now restricts the Layer Linker to basic layers only, with no masks or collision matrices.
  • The Asset Generator Window now generates assets about 30% faster and shows the total generation time once it is complete.
  • Greatly optimised Asset Linker window initialisation. On a large project which previously took 30 seconds to initialize, it now takes only 2 seconds.
  • Changed BuildDetails to a procedural script instead of a procedural ScriptableObject.
  • Removed Asset.AddSubAsset since sub assets are saved automatically.