Weaver v6.1

Released 2020-11-13

When upgrading to a newer version of Weaver, you must delete any previous version from your project first.

See the Weaver v6.0 Upgrade Guide if you are upgrading from a version older than that.


  • Reorganised Editor-Only methods in WeaverUtilities and WeaverEditorUtilities.
  • Improved the Weaver.Editor.Procedural.Scripting system:
    • Procedural scripts now use a #pragma to disable all warnings unless SimpleScriptBuilder.DisableAllWarnings is set to false.
    • Added ControllerStateGenerator for generating Animancer ControllerState scripts based on an Animator Controller and as an example of how the procedural scripting system can be used.
    • Added TypeName for situations which can take a Type, TypeBuilder, or raw strings to specify a type and namespace.
    • Added ParameterBuilder and ParameterModifier to simplify procedural method parameters.
    • Added ConstructorBuilder.AppendBaseParameters.
    • Added AccessModifiers.Override, New, and Virtual.
    • Added CSharpProcedural.AppendStringLiteral.
    • Changed CSharpProcedural.IsValidInMemberName to use char.IsLetterOrDigit instead of a switch that manually tries to cover all invalid symbols.
    • Removed MethodBuilder.IsSingleLine and changed the BodyBuilder to automatically determine whether to use an expression bodied method or not. Same for PropertyBuilder and ConstructorBuilder.