Weaver includes a series of example scenes located in Assets/Plugins/Weaver/Examples which demonstrate how its various systems can be used to create a simple Missile Command game.

All example scripts are located in the Weaver.Examples namespace.

If you wish to use any of the examples in your game, it is recommended that you make a new script, copy the contents into it, and change the namespace. Otherwise updating Weaver may alter that script and cause errors where your other code references it.

01 Frame Rate Demonstrates Asset Injection with a simple FPS counter consisting of a single script and prefab that don't need any additional configuration in a scene.
02 Floating Text Demonstrates a flexible and reusable Floating Text system using a combination of Asset Injection and Object Pooling.
03 Building Procedurally generates a building mesh and prefab to be used by the later example 05 Missile Command.
04 Missiles Demonstrates an Asset List which automatically gathers all prefabs in a folder in conjunction with Object Pooling at runtime.
05 Missile Command Brings all the previous examples together in a simple game which also uses Pref Injection and Lazy Asset Injection.
06 Item Shop Demonstrates the use of a Meta Asset List to create a user interface that can display the details of its items without actually loading all the items into memory until they are needed.
Build Details An automated build numbering system which can be useful on its own, but also demonstrates how you can create your own procedural scripts.