User Manual

Introduction A summary of Weaver's main features and some Frequently Asked Questions.
Weaver Window The Weaver Window can be opened via Window/General/Weaver in the menu.
Examples Weaver includes a series of example scenes located in Assets/Plugins/Weaver/Examples which demonstrate how its various systems can be used to create a simple game.
Asset Injection Static dependency injection allows you to easily create reliable and efficient self-contained systems that need to reference assets.
Asset Lists An AssetList is a ScriptableObject which automatically gathers all assets of a given type in a specific folder into a list. Gathering takes place in the Unity Editor so the list can be loaded efficiently at runtime.
Project Constants Weaver includes several systems which remove the need for magic strings and arbitrary numbers when working with Unity systems, allowing you to write safer and more reliable code.
Procedural Assets You can easily turn any Asset Injection field into a procedural asset using the [ProceduralAsset] attribute.
Miscellaneous Other stuff.
Change Log Feature changes made in each version of Weaver.