Context Menu Functions

Inspector Gadgets automatically adds various useful functions to the context menu (right click menu) of each field in the Inspector based on its type:

  • These functions only support multi-object selection in Inspector Gadgets Pro.
  • Inspector Gadgets Pro also has several additional functions specific to Object Fields.
  • Most types have Copy and Paste functions which allow you to copy values between fields in Unity as well as to and from other programs.
  • The fields in the Transform Inspector have functions to snap them to the grid, raycast down and snap to the ground, and rotate to look at another object.
  • The fields in the RectTransform Inspector have functions to square them (set the height equal to the width or vice versa) and to snap them to the edges of its siblings in a particular direction (Right/Up/Left/Down).
  • Randomize within common ranges:
    • 0-1, 0-100, 0-360, 0-CurrentValue for float
    • Random value for enum
    • Random Vector2 in a unit circle
    • Random Vector3 on or in a unit sphere
    • Random Quaternion
    • Random euler angles
    • Random hue for Color
  • Convert between degrees and radians for float.
  • Set common vectors: zero, right, up, forward, one.
  • Normalize vectors.
  • String to lower or upper case.
  • Log the current value of the field.
  • Help functions to open the Inspector Gadgets Documentation or do a Google search for the name of the target script.

New Locked Inspector

This feature is only available in Inspector Gadgets Pro.

The Edit/Selection/New Locked Inspector (Ctrl + Alt + I) menu function item opens a new Inspector window locked to the current selection so you can easily compare and copy values between different objects.

Persist After Play Mode

This feature is only available in Inspector Gadgets Pro.

While in Play Mode, every Component and Inspector field gets a Persist After Play Mode context menu function to allow their values to be retained once you leave Play Mode instead of being reset to their previous value.


For floats and Vectors only. Opens an editor window that displays a gizmo in the scene to visualise and manipulate the chosen field. Vectors are visualised using a position handle with a line leading back to the origin while floats are visualised using the same wireframe sphere used to display the shape of a SphereCollider.


Opens an editor window that displays a list of all fields you have used the function on so you can view (and edit) them all at the same time. You can use this function on individual fields as well as entire Components.

The Lite version only allows you to watch up to 3 fields at a time.