Inspector Gadgets v2

Inspector Gadgets v2.2

  • Added experimental ConstructableBehaviour class as another alternative to MonoBehaviour constructors (separate from [RequireInitialisation]).
  • The Copy, Paste, Snap, and Reset buttons will now be greyed out when they would do nothing. I.E. Copy and Paste are greyed out if the clipboard contains the same values as the selected object, Snap is disabled if the object is already snapped, and Reset is disabled if the object is already at the default values.
  • [Pro-Only] ScriptableObject and StateMachineBehaviour now benefit from the same features as MonoBehaviour.
  • [Pro-Only] Added Edit/Selection/New Locked Inspector (Ctrl + Alt + S) which opens an Inspector window locked to the current selection so you can easily compare and copy values between different selection sets.
  • [Pro-Only] The EditorState for inspectables ([Button] and [Label]) now defaults to Always instead of Playing.
  • [Pro-Only] Added OnInspectorGUI event. Declaring a method with that name in a MonoBehaviour script allows Inspector Gadgets to call it instead of drawing the GUI normally. AfterInspectorGUI works similarly, but is called after the regular GUI is drawn.
  • [Pro-Only] Added [Euler] attribute for drawing Quaternions as euler angles.
  • [Pro-Only] When the [Button] attribute logs the returned value, it now gives it the proper context so that clicking the log message pings the selected object in the hierarchy.
  • [Pro-Only] The [Button] attribute will now only call a static method once instead of once per selected object.
  • [Pro-Only] Added tooltips to the [Button] attribute.
  • [Pro-Only] Fixed [Button] attribute so it doesn't alter the layout of other properties when present (previously it shifted other properties by a few pixels).
  • [Pro-Only] The [Label] attribute now includes the member name in the message when you click the Log button.
  • Added Utils.FindComponent and TryFindComponent for doing lazy proximity based searches until a component is found. GetComponent -> GetComponentInParent -> GetComponentInChildren -> FindObjectOfType -> AddComponent.
  • Fixed the [RequireAssignment] drawer to work properly for non-public fields and types derived from UnityEngine.Object.
  • Fixed an issue where the scale GUI would always be enabled, regardless of the overall GUI state.

Inspector Gadgets v2.1

  • Added Inspector Gadgets Manual command to the Transform context menu.
  • [Pro-Only] Fixed [Color] and [Readonly] attributes to allow nested fields to be expanded properly.

Inspector Gadgets v2.0

  • Released 2017-04-18.
  • Added experimental [RequireInitialisation] attribute as an alternative to MonoBehaviour constructors (which aren't supported).
  • [Pro-Only] Added [RequireAssignment] attribute to ensure that a field is assigned a value (as part of RequireInitialisation).
  • [Pro-Only] You can now middle click on a transform field to reset it to its default value.
  • Transform Inspector now properly shows bold labels when values are modified from a prefab and you can right click to revert them.
  • [Pro-Only] Fields are now drawn in italics while their value that isn't a multiple of the snap threshold.
  • Changing an object's rotation on one axis no longer allows floating point imprecision in the euler angle calculation to cause changes to the other axes.
  • [Pro-Only] Added an Inspector Gadgets Settings window to the Transform context menu to toggle various options: show copy/paste/snap/reset buttons, use uniform scale, use field colors, italicise un-snapped fields, forget world space mode.
    • Disabling Forget World Space in settings will allow the Inspector to stay in world space mode when you select a different object (otherwise it reverts to local space automatically).
  • [Pro-Only] The [Toolbar] attribute can now be used on string fields. You can specify the available options in the constructor and it displays them as a toolbar.
  • Fixed Transform Inspector layout in the Avatar Configuration scene.
  • Various performance optimisations and major code structure improvements.