Inspector Gadgets is a Unity plugin which enhances various aspects of the Unity Editor to streamline your development workflow.

Download it for free and check out the Documentation to get started.

Enhanced Transform Inspector

The Inspector for the Transform component has been improved with the ability to Copy, Paste, and Snap individual properties, toggle between Local or World space, adjust the scale on all axes at once, and more.

Freeze Children

Prevent changes you make to a parent object from affecting its children.

Draw All Gizmos [Pro-Only]

Show scene gizmos for every selected object individually instead of using a single gizmo to move them all at once.

Drag and Drop Sub-Assets [Pro-Only]

Drag and drop assets in the project window onto each other to group them as sub-assets.

Auto Hide UI

Instead of having UI objects block a massive part of your Scene view, Inspector Gadgets can hide them when you aren't working with them and automatically focus the camera on them when you are.

Context Menu Functions

Dozens of useful functions are added to the context menu (right click menu) of each field in the Inspector based on its type.

Persist After Play Mode [Pro-Only]

This is the main new feature added in Inspector Gadgets v6.0.

While in Play Mode, you can Right Click on any Component or Inspector field and use the Persist After Play Mode function to allow their values to be retained once you leave Play Mode instead of being reset to their previous value.

Object Reference Fields [Pro-Only]

References to UnityEngine.Objects (such as any reference to a GameObject, Component, or any asset) automatically draw buttons to find a reference if they don't have one and can draw the Inspector of the referenced object right beneath the field.

Decorator Attributes [Pro-Only]

Various attributes allow you to customise the way serialized fields are drawn in the Inspector and even add things like buttons.

Missing Scripts

If you have any missing scripts, Inspector Gadgets makes it easy to find and fix them.