Inspector Gadgets v3

Inspector Gadgets v3.0

  • Released 2017-08-22.
  • Shrunk the Local/World button into a tiny toggle (L/W) and added two more feature toggles in the free space:
    • F - Freeze child transforms (so that moving a parent object won't also move its children).
    • G - [Pro-Only] Draw gizmos for all selected objects (instead of only drawing a gizmo for the first object selected).
  • Added [LabelledCollection] attribute which provides labels for the elements of a collection field to use instead of just calling them Element X.
  • Added AutoPrefs for more easily managing PlayerPrefs and EditorPrefs. Used for various settings.
  • Added Comment component for leaving comments attached to scene objects which are automatically removed from builds.
  • Removed MonoBehaviour constructors (ConstructableBehaviour, [RequireInitialisation], etc) as they were not really related to the Inspector. Source code available on request.
  • Fixed Transform Inspector to not cause the Inspector window to constantly repaint.
  • Fixed GUI layout error in World space mode with arbitrarily rotated objects.
  • [Pro-Only] Fixed [Euler] and [Toolbar] to work properly when used on collection fields (such as an array or list of quaternions or enums respectively).