Animancer.FSM Namespace


A flexible Finite State Machine system.

Class Types

Class Summary
DelegateState<TState> A state that uses delegates to define its behaviour in the Animancer.FSM.StateMachine`1.
StateBehaviour<TState> Base class for UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour states to be used in a Animancer.FSM.StateMachine`1.
StateExtensions Various extension methods for Animancer.FSM.IOwnedState`1.
StateMachine<TKey, TState> A simple Finite State Machine system that registers each state with a particular key.

This class allows states to be registered with a particular key upfront and then accessed later using that key. See Animancer.FSM.StateMachine`1 for a system that does not bother keeping track of any states other than the active one.
StateMachine<TState> A simple keyless Finite State Machine system.

This class doesn't keep track of any states other than the currently active one. See Animancer.FSM.StateMachine`2 for a system that allows states to be pre-registered and accessed using a separate key.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IOwnedState<TState> A type of Animancer.FSM.IState`1 that knows which Animancer.FSM.StateMachine`1 it is used in so it can be used with various extension methods in Animancer.FSM.StateExtensions.
IState<TState> A state that can be used in a Animancer.FSM.StateMachine`1.