PlatformerGameKit Namespace


Everything in the Platformer Game Kit is located in this namespace.

Class Types

Class Summary
AttackTransition A Animancer.ClipTransition with PlatformerGameKit.HitData.
CameraMan A camera movement manager for a 2D platformer.
CameraShake A system for shaking the camera.
CameraShakeWhenHit Applies some PlatformerGameKit.CameraShake when taking damage.
Destructible A PlatformerGameKit.Hit.ITarget which destroys the UnityEngine.GameObject when hit.
Health Keeps track of the health of an object.
HealthDisplay Displays the PlatformerGameKit.Health.CurrentHealth and PlatformerGameKit.Health.MaximumHealth.
HitData Information about when and how to activate a PlatformerGameKit.HitTrigger during an attack animation.
HitTrigger A component which uses a UnityEngine.PolygonCollider2D trigger to PlatformerGameKit.Hit things.
MovingObject2D Moves a UnityEngine.Rigidbody2D along a straight path.
NextExampleTrigger Loads the next example scene when PlatformerGameKit.NextExampleTrigger.OnTriggerEnter2D(UnityEngine.Collider2D) is caused by the player.
PassiveHitCollider A component which PlatformerGameKit.Hits anything touching its collider.
PlatformerGameKitReadMe [Editor-Only] A welcome screen for PlatformerGameKit.
PlatformerUtilities Various utility methods used throughout the PlatformerGameKit.
Projectile A component which uses trigger messages to PlatformerGameKit.Hit things.
ProjectileAttackTransition A Animancer.ClipTransition which launches a projectile.
SetupDemoLayers Modifies the UnityEngine.Physics2D layers to demonstrate the system without modifying the project settings.
Strings Various string constants used throughout the PlatformerGameKit.
Team A UnityEngine.ScriptableObject representing the relationships between factions.

Delegate Types

Delegate Summary
ValueChangeEvent<T> A method called when a value is changed.

Struct Types

Struct Summary
Context<T> A system for making data available during method calls without directly passing it in as a parameter.
Hit The details of a hit.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
ITeam An object with a PlatformerGameKit.Team.


Namespace Summary
PlatformerGameKit.BehaviourTrees A simple Behaviour Tree system.
PlatformerGameKit.Characters Character scripts.