The Platformer Game Kit is a FREE Unity plugin which provides an extensible framework for creating 2D platformer games using Animancer.

It works with Animancer Lite, but some features require Animancer Pro.

This Documentation explains how to set up your own character art as well as how each part of the system works to help beginners learn about effective development practices (unlike Unity's own Game Kits which are intended for non-programmers to put together a rudimentary game without any coding).

Character Physics

Character physics is based on a BoxCollider2D with a dynamic Rigidbody2D and managed by a custom CharacterBody2D component which handles things like ground detection and snapping up and down steps.

Modular Characters

Characters use Animancer's Finite State Machine system which makes them extremely modular and easy to customize.

The Player character has various common abilities seen in platformer games: Introductions, Wall Slide, Wall Jump, Air Jump, Melee Attack Combos, Ranged Attacks.

Behaviour Trees

Enemy AI is implemented using a very simple Behaviour Tree system, allowing their behaviour to be built from small reusable nodes instead of hard-coding a new script for each character.

Character Sprites

The character sprites come from the Animated Character Pack made by Szadi Art and can be used personally and commercially.


Walks off ledges. Hostile to other enemies.


Flies back and forth.

Maw Flower

Can't move. Periodically attacks to either side.


Patrols along platforms. Big and strong.


Patrols along platforms. Wide attack area.

Hit Boxes

The combat system uses polygon-based hit boxes to allow the area affected by melee attacks to closely align with the visible effects on the character's sprite throughout each frame of the attack animation.

Flexible Camera

The camera system has various parameters to control the way it tracks the Player as well as a customizable Camera Shake system.