TextureGenerator Class


[Editor-Only] An Weaver.Editor.Procedural.AssetGenerator which saves UnityEngine.Texture2Ds as ".png" image files.
Base Types
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public class TextureGenerator : AssetGenerator


Type Description
AssetGeneratorAttribute [Editor-Only] Specifies which asset type can be generated by the attributed class (which must inherit from Weaver.Editor.Procedural.AssetGenerator).


Name Value Summary
DefaultFileExtension string
GeneratorMethodParameterTypes Type[]
The parameter types of a generator method for this asset type. When overriding this property, consider using Weaver.ReflectionUtilities.OneType(System.Type) or Weaver.ReflectionUtilities.TwoTypes(System.Type,System.Type).
Inherited from AssetGenerator
GeneratorMethodReturnType Type
The default return type for generator methods used by this generator.
HowToCancel string
Explains how to cancel the generation of an asset (for Weaver.Editor.Procedural.AssetGenerator.AppendFullDescription(System.Text.StringBuilder)).
Inherited from AssetGenerator


Name Value Summary
AddItemsToMenu(GenericMenu, ProceduralAsset) void
Populates `menu` with various items for the context menu of `asset`.
Inherited from AssetGenerator
AppendFullDescription(StringBuilder) void
Appends the full description of this Weaver.Editor.Procedural.AssetGenerator and how it is to be used.
Inherited from AssetGenerator
Destroy(Object) void
Destroys the specified `obj`.
Inherited from AssetGenerator
GetAssetPathAndDestroyOldSubAssets(ProceduralAsset) string
Gets the asset path of the existing asset and destroys all of its sub-assets.
Inherited from AssetGenerator
GetGeneratorMethod(MemberInfo) MethodInfo
Attempts to find the generator method assofiated with `assetField`.
Inherited from AssetGenerator
GetGeneratorMethod(MemberInfo, string) MethodInfo
Finds the generator method associated with a particular procedural asset.
Inherited from AssetGenerator
GetMethod(MemberInfo, string, Type[]) MethodInfo
Finds the generator method associated with a particular procedural asset.
Inherited from AssetGenerator
InvokeGeneratorMethod(ProceduralAsset) Object
Invokes `asset.GeneratorMethod` with the correct parameters for this Weaver.Editor.Procedural.AssetGenerator.
Inherited from AssetGenerator
Save(Object, string, bool) void
Saves `asset` as a texture at `assetPath`.
Save(Texture2D, string) void
Saves `texture` as a PNG at `assetPath`.
SaveDefaultAsset(string) void
Creates and saves an empty default asset to save sub assets inside while the asset is still generating.
Inherited from AssetGenerator
UseTempScene(ProceduralAsset) bool
Indicates whether a temporary scene should be opened while generating the specified `asset`. Default is false.
Inherited from AssetGenerator
ValidateGeneratorReturnType(Type) bool
Checks if return type of a generator method is valid for this generator type.
Inherited from AssetGenerator