InspectorGadgets Namespace


Everything in the Inspector Gadgets plugin.

Class Types

Class Summary
AutoPrefs A collection of wrappers for PlayerPrefs and EditorPrefs which simplify the way you can store and retrieve values.
CommentAsset Holds a text comment as a ScriptableObject asset which can be viewed and edited in the inspector.
CommentComponent Holds a text comment for a GameObject which can be viewed and edited in the inspector.
DisposableStaticLazyStack<T> A InspectorGadgets.StaticLazyStack`1 which implements System.IDisposable.Dispose to automatically call InspectorGadgets.StaticLazyStack`1.Decrement
IGUtils Various utility methods used by InspectorGadgets.
NullableVector4 A Vector4 which uses nullable floats.
Shortcut [Editor-Only] A link to another location in the project for easy navigation.
SimpleStaticLazyStack<TStack, TValue> A InspectorGadgets.DisposableStaticLazyStack`1 that gets and stores a particular TValue, sets it to a different value, and then reverts it to the previous value when disposed.
StaticLazyStack<T> A static stack that creates new elements as needed but keeps and reuses them instead of actually adding and removing like a regular stack.
Strings String constants used throughout InspectorGadgets.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IComment Common interface for objects that are displayed by the InspectorGadgets.Editor.CommentEditor.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
EditorState Represents a Unity Editor state which can be used as a condition.


Namespace Summary
InspectorGadgets.Attributes Custom attributes.
InspectorGadgets.Editor Stuff that only exists in the Unity Editor.