Prepare your Project

  1. Back up your project.

    Animancer and the Platformer Game Kit are no more likely than anything else to cause problems, but this is simply a good habit whenever you make significant changes to a project. Better yet, you should be using a proper version control system such as Git to track all changes.

  2. Get Unity 2019.4 or newer.

    This system has been tested in Unity 2019.4, 2020.3, and 2021.1. Other versions newer than 2019 are likely to work fine, but have not been specifically tested.

  3. Delete any previous versions of Animancer and the Platformer Game Kit.

    This is mandatory since Unity's package importer system doesn't delete or rename existing files so any old scripts that aren't directly overwritten would cause compile errors that prevent anything from working. Check the Change Log to find out what has changed between versions.

4. Download Animancer

This system can be used freely with Animancer Lite, however it uses some Pro-Only Features which you can try out in the Unity Editor but using them in Runtime Builds requires Animancer Pro:

Feature Used By In Animancer Lite without that feature
Animancer Tools These tools were used to set up the Sprites and create the animations included in this system as explained on the Art section. Unlike other Pro-Only features, these tools aren't usable in Animancer Lite and without them you would need to use the tools built into Unity (which are also explained on the Art section). This only affects the asset set up process and makes no difference in regards to Runtime Builds.
Animancer Events The combat system uses events to activate the Hit Boxes corresponding to each frame of the attack animations. In Runtime Builds, the attack animations will still play but they will not actually deal damage to enemies or break destructible blocks.
Timeline When the player spawns, they play an Introduction animation made using Unity's Timeline package. In Runtime Builds, the player simply goes straight to their Idle state on startup.
Animation Speed The Player character Runs by playing the Walk animation at a faster speed. In Runtime Builds, the animation speed doesn't change. To avoid this, we would need to either have a separate Run animation or make another copy of the Walk animation with the modified speed (though that would waste a bit of memory for the duplicated animation data).

5. Download the Platformer Game Kit (Recommended)
  • Faster updates (no approval process)
  • Direct download using Web Browser
Unity Asset Store
  • Updates take a few days or more for approval
  • Must download inside the Unity Editor

Please use the listed Contact methods if you have any questions, suggestions, or bugs to report. Reviews are appreciated, but they are not the appropriate place for such communications.