Attack states are actions that characters can perform to deal damage to enemies. They all Inherit from the base AttackState to share the same basic features:

  • Can't turn around during attacks.
  • Other actions can't interrupt attacks (unless they use StateMachine.ForceSetState like the Flinch State as explained on the Changing States page).
  • When the state ends, it clears any of the Hit Boxes that are still active.
public abstract class AttackState : CharacterState
    public override bool CanTurn => false;

    public override bool CanExitState => false;

    public override void OnExitState()
Basic Action A general action that plays an animation then returns to idle.
Advanced Attack The Player's attack state which has combos and separate animations for ground, air, and while aiming upwards.
Side Attack The Maw Flower's attack state has different animations depending on whether it wants to attack to the left or right.