Now that we have all the sprites in an atlas and with proper names, it's time to create animations from them using the Generate Sprite Animations tool in Animancer Pro.

  1. Open the Animancer Tools window (Window/Animations/Animancer Tools).
  2. Go to the Generate Sprite Animations tool.
  3. Select the Sprite Atlas (or whatever individual sprites you want to generate animations for).
  4. The default New Animation Frame Rate of 12 is a good speed for these sprites.
  5. Click Generate.
  6. This will create animations by grouping the selected sprites according to their names.
  7. Select any of the generated animations that should be looping (such as Idle and Run animations) and enable their Loop Time toggle in the Inspector.

Without that tool, you would need to use Unity's inbuilt Drag and Drop method on each group of sprites manually.

Those animations are now ready to use in Animancer.