Expression Bodied Members

Expression Bodied Members are a shorter syntax for writing a method if it only contains a single expression. The syntax uses the => operator instead of curly braces ({ }) much like a Lambda Expression used in an Inline Delegate. If the method returns a value, the return keyword is not necessary. For example, the following regular method:

public string GetFullName()
    return firstName + " " + lastName;

Could be written as a single line:

public string GetFullName() { return firstName + " " + lastName; }

Which can be shortened a bit using an expression body:

public string GetFullName() => firstName + " " + lastName;

Read-Only Properties can also have expression bodies, which is particularly useful for providing a public accessor for a non-public Serialized Field, for example:

// Private serialized field.
private AnimancerComponent _Animancer;

// Public accessor so that other types can get the value but not set it.
public AnimancerComponent Animancer => _Animancer;