This website explains the basics of C# (pronounced see-sharp) scripting in Unity. It is not intended to be a proper tutorial on how to learn programming, but rather it is used as a point of reference for the documentation of My Unity Assets so that these concepts do not need to be repeated all over the place.

There is a lot to learn about programming, so this site tries to explain the parts that are most relevant in Unity. It has many links to the Unity Manual and C# Documentation. Even experienced programmers need to frequently refer to these resources and search online to learn new things.

You might also find the Unity Learn website useful.

This site covers the following topics:

If you find this site useful, please check out My Unity Assets to help support my writing and development:
  • Animancer: a dynamic animation system which is much more flexible than Unity's inbuilt systems.
  • Platformer Game Kit: an extensible framework for creating 2D platformer games in Unity using Animancer.
  • Inspector Gadgets: various tools and utilities for streamlining the Unity Editor interface.
  • Weaver: a procedural asset generation and workflow improvement framework.
  • Ult Events: a persistent callback system with better features than the inbuilt Unity Events.
  • Link & Sync: a simple tool for synchronising asset files between projects.
  • Simple Sun Shader: a procedurally animated sun with various parameters to tweak its appearance.