Weaver.Editor Namespace


Editor-Only scripts.

Class Types

Class Summary
AssetListEditor [Editor-Only] A custom UnityEditor.Editor for Weaver.AssetListBase.
AssetPostprocessor [Editor-Only, Internal] Exposes an event that is called whenever an asset is imported, deleted, or moved.
MetaDataUtils [Editor-Only] Various utilities for managing meta-data.
PathMatcher [Editor-Only] A utility for finding file paths that match certain targets as closely as possible.
ProceduralScriptSettings [Editor-Only, Internal] Base class for settings relating to a procedural script.
UnityScripts [Editor-Only] A variety of utility methods relating to script assets in Unity.
WeaverEditorUtilities [Editor-Only] A variety of miscellaneous utility methods.


Namespace Summary
Weaver.Editor.Procedural Procedural asset generation systems.
Weaver.Editor.Window The WeaverWindow.