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1. Where is it? FlexiMotion imports into your project's Packages folder (instead of Assets).
2. Does it work with X? Probably. FlexiMotion uses Unity's regular Transform components so it will work with practically any method of moving objects including animations, physics, or scripts. If in doubt, Download the free Demo to try it out.
3. How is the performance so good? FlexiMotion uses Unity's C# Job System and Burst Compiler to make effective use of multithreading and other data processing optimizations. It's also written with performance as the primary goal so its simulation is somewhat simplified to achieve that in exchange for being less mathematically realistic in some aspects.
4. Can it be used without Burst? Yes. If you go to the Package.json file in the root FlexiMotion folder, you can remove its dependency on Burst.
5. Why does the Full Version package contain a DLL? The core code in the Free Demo is inside a pre-compiled DLL so the Full Version has an empty DLL with the same name to overwrite the Demo DLL if you import the Full Version over the top of the Demo. The Full Version's DLL contains no actual code and isn't used for anything else.