This documentation helps you understand how to use FlexiMotion in your projects.

Download Download a FREE Editor-Only Demo of FlexiMotion.
Samples FlexiMotion includes a series of sample scenes to showcase its functionality.
Setup How to set up a FlexiMotion component.
Colliders How to add colliders to prevent simulated objects from going through other parts of the model.
Modifiers Use modifiers to change the behaviour of the simulation.
Help and FAQ Where to get help and the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.
Change Log Feature changes made in each version of FlexiMotion and guidelines for upgrading.

The FlexiMotion package includes a ReadMe file with a link to bring you here, or you can use the [?] help button in the top right of the FlexiMotion Inspector (or any of FlexiMotion's other components) to open up its specific API Documentation page.