Animancer.Examples.Locomotion Namespace


Code for the Locomotion examples.

Class Types

Class Summary
LinearBlendTreeLocomotion An example of how you can wrap a UnityEngine.RuntimeAnimatorController containing a single blend tree in a Animancer.Float1ControllerState to easily control its parameter.
LinearMixerLocomotion An example of how you can use a Animancer.LinearMixerState to mix a set of animations based on a Animancer.Examples.Locomotion.LinearMixerLocomotion.Speed parameter.
RootMotion Demonstrates how you can use Root Motion for some animations but not others.
ScreenBoundsTeleporter A simple trigger that teleports anything exiting it over to the left.
SpiderBotController Controls a Animancer.Examples.FineControl.SpiderBot with a Animancer.MixerTransition2D and UnityEngine.Rigidbody to allow the bot to move around the scene in any direction.